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Understanding customer preferences is critically important in today's extremely competitive market place. Which features of your product or service are more important to your existing and potential customers? How much is the market willing to pay for an improvement in a product or service feature? How do consumers value your brand relative to other brands? What is the price elasticity of your market? The answer to these and other questions can be obtained through ASEMAP (Adaptive Self-Explication of Multi-Attribute Preferences). ASEMAP is an effective way of measuring multi-attribute preferences (Conjoint Analysis), in particular, when the number of features is six or larger. It makes the task easy for the respondent while using sophisticated statistical methods to derive the results. Each question is carefully chosen based on the answers to previous questions so that there are no wasted questions. In an empirical comparison (Srinivasan and Netzer 2005), ASEMAP predicted the choices of 50% more of the respondents than the current industry standard method for handling a large number of attributes.
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